Android Bar Code/ QR-Code Generator Tutorial Using ZXING Library


This tutorial explains how to generate Bar Code or QR-Code in Android device using ZXING Library.


Quick Response(QR) code is a two dimensional barcode(matrix codes) that allows content to be decoded at a high speed. The use of QR code is license-free. This tutorial explains how to implement ZXING library to generate dynamic barcodes into Android applications. We will generate Bar Code into a Image Format.


Create a new project

To generate Bar Code, we are going to create a new android project. Go to File ⇒ New ⇒ New Projects in Android studio. 

Add ZXING library

We need to add ZXING library in our project, so open build.gradle(Module:app) file and add following code:

    url ""

  compile 'com.github.kenglxn.QRGen:android:2.2.0' 


Create Layout

We need to add Imageview tag in the layout. We will generate Bar Code as Image format and Imgaeview is used to display bar code.

<ImageView android:layout_width="match_parent" 


Create a simple Bar Code/QR-Code

To get QR-Code from text use the following code:

Bitmap myBitmap=QRCode.from("").bitmap();


Display Bar Code

To display bar code, initialize the Imageview and Pass bitmap into setImageBitmap() As a parameter.

ImageView myImage=(ImageView) findViewById(;


Generate Bar code with set of details

If we want to generate Bar Code with some details then we need to use VCard object to set details.

VCard abhay=new VCard("Abhay")
Bitmap myBitmap=QRCode.from(abhay).bitmap();


Change Color of Bar code

To change color, we need to pass background color and code color into .withColor()

Bitmap myBitmap=QRCode.from(abhay)
     .withColor(0xFFFF0000, 0xFFFFFFAA).bitmap();



  • vishnu kumar

    Great tutorial, thanks

  • John Tegalombo

    without border???

  • Ravi Shekhar

    Is there any way to change the size of QR code

    • It will generate as Image, you can adjust your size

  • Andrea Staccoli

    Is it possible to generate the Qr code from data in the sqlite database?