• Pulkit Kumar


  • Moshe Edri

    great read thanks a lot!!!

  • Gowtham Nimmagadda

    Is it Mandatory to use Facebooklogin Button or can we use any image instead ?

    • Yes, its mandatory to use com.facebook.login.widget.LoginButton.

      • Gowtham Nimmagadda

        Thank You for reply and the suggestion of using Customised Image

    • You can also set image by using


  • salman

    Thanks for great tuttorial. its worked in emulator but its not woke in my device. it says store key hash is not match. Can u plz help me. thanks in advance

    • Please check your Package Name & hash key, Added in the Developer Facebook Account . And use your facebook_app_id

  • can i login fb and i close application android and i open application again but login form show not home form

  • neha purad

    Its not working with facebook app…when i click on login button it ll load and show logout

    • Its means you login from facebook successfylly, Now you need to open you main acitivity. In getUserDetails() method. See getUserDetails() method

      • neha purad

        thank you…i m not getting that dialog box(continue as abhay) it ll just show loading

  • Sengundhar Keerthana

    when i login into facebook it logs in and shows logout button for some time and then automatically shows user details and there is no logout button while showing user details

  • Just Enjoying YOUTUBE

    By far best tutorial . Question – How to show the profile pic in MainActivity after successfully logged in. As UserProfileActivity has seperate layout.xml file. so I want to show Profile picture near logout button(in MainActivity’s XML). How to do this, any help? Thanks in Advance.

    • I have already added code to display user profile pic.
      Find in section – “Final code of UserProfile Class”

  • Pravinsingh Waghela

    onCompleted(JSONObject json_object, GraphResponse response) :- json_object is getting null value.
    Can you encurtain the issue?