How to install Android studio in Ubuntu Tutorial


This tutorial explains, how to install Android Studio in Ubuntu.



Android Studio is an IDE provided by Google for Android Development. It is based on IntelliJ. android-tutorialIt is an intelligent code editor, capable of advanced code completion, refactoring and code analysis. This powerful code editor helps you to be more productive Android app developer.



Download the Android Studio

Download the Android Studio .zip file from Android Studio website. Before installation of Android Studio, you have to install latest jdk in your system.



Unzip the Downloaded File

Copy the downloaded .zip file into home directory. Now, you need to extract the .zip file and you can see the android-studio directory appears in the home directory.


Installation of Android Studio

  • You need to execute the file. Open your terminal and run the following command:

 $ cd android-studio/bin/$./


  • Now, an installation complete window will open, which would have the option to import the setting of previous version of Android Studio. You have to choose the option I do not have a previous version of Android Studio or I do not want to import my setting and click on ok to proceed.


  • You will see the Android Studio Setup Wizard, click on the next button and choose the Standard install type and again click the Next button. Now, you will see verify settings window; click on next to proceed and click on finish in the Emulator Settings window to successfully download the component and install Android Studio.






Install the Android SDK Package

  • Android Studio provides everything you need to start developing apps for Android, including the Android Studio IDE and the Android SDK tools but we need to update the Android SDk.

  • for that, run the following command:

  •$ cd$ cd Android/Sdk/tools$ ./android


  • Now you will see the Android SDK window, select the pacakge and click on the install[number] packages


  • Choose Accept License and click on the install



  • After Successfully Android Sdk Tools updated, run the following command to open Android Studio

 $ cd$ cd android-studio/bin$ ./