• Npt Npt

    Hello. Nice tutorial! Importing the source code , doesn t resolve the hash key ( R.id.hashKey). do i have to make any special configuration?

    • abhayanand1910

      Generate Hash key and add into your Linkedin Developer Account

  • Mahmudur Rahman

    Image does not show, but other information is shown well ….. by the way….. when I put a log for key hash and run into a device, the device text view and the log shown different key hash. For me device key has work well. And overall your post is rockz.

    • abhayanand1910

      You are doing something wrong, hash key always same for a single device

      • Mahmudur Rahman

        ((TextView) findViewById(R.id.hashKey)).setText(Base64.encodeToString(md.digest(),Base64.NO_WRAP));
        Log.d(“LOG_KEY”, Base64.encodeToString(md.digest(), Base64.NO_WRAP)); —– Use those line of code and see what is different. In my case, given different key hash.

      • Nikhil Mane

        As per the Package change the Hash Key will Change so for those project you need for that project first you make the Hash key and store this with package at the Linkedin Developer Console

  • Rohan Lodhi

    LISessionManager object is not Available …..