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Laravel is an open-source MVC PHP framework. It additionally gives the wealthy set of functionalities that comes with the essential features of PHP frameworks resembling Codeigniter, Yii, and different programming languages like Ruby on Rails. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell. This is a quick tutorial that explains the fundamentals of Laravel framework.


Before you begin continuing with this tutorial, we assume that you’re aware of HTML, Core PHP, and Advance PHP. If you might be new to any of those ideas, we advise you to select tutorials primarily based on these ideas first, to realize a greater understanding of Laravel.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source MVC PHP framework. It follows a model-view-controller design pattern. If you might be aware of Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will make your task easier. It saves rather a lot time if you’re planning to develop a website from scratch. Moreover, a website inbuilt Laravel is safe and prevents several net attacks.

  • Framework: It is the gathering of methods, classes, or files that the programmer makes use of, and so they also can extend its functionality by utilizing their code.
  • Architecture: It is the particular design pattern that the framework follows. Laravel is following the MVC architecture.
  • MVC architecture: MVC is split into three letters shown below:
    • M: ‘M’ stands for Model. A model is a class that offers with a database. For example, if we’ve got customers in an application then we could have customers model that offers with a database to query the table of customers if we’ve got customers model, then we may also have a customers table. We conclude from the example that the model goes to have a table for that particular model.
    • V: ‘V’ stands for View. A view is a class that offers with an HTML. Everything that we are able to see on the applying within the browser is the view or the representation.
    • C: ‘C’ stands for Controller. A controller is the middle-man that offers with each model and look at. A controller is the class that retrieves the info from the model and sends the info to the view class.

Advantages of Laravel

  • Creating authorization and authentication programs
    Every proprietor of the web software makes sure that unauthorized customers don’t access secured or paid assets. It offers a easy approach of implementing authentication. It additionally offers a easy approach of organizing the authorization logic and control access to resources.
  • Integration with tools
    Laravel is built-in with many tools that construct a quicker app. It isn’t solely essential to build the app but additionally to create a quicker app. Integration with the caching again finish is likely one of the main steps to enhance the efficiency of an online app. Laravel is built-in with some well-liked cache again ends resembling Redis, and Memcached.
  • E-Mail service integration
    Laravel is built-in with the Mail Service. This service is used to ship notifications to the person’s emails. It offers a clear and easy API that permits you to send the e-mail shortly by a local or cloud-based service of your choice.
  • Handling exception and configuration error
    Handling exception and configuration errors are the foremost components on the app’s usability. The manners during which the software program app handles the errors have a huge effect on the person’s satisfaction and the app’s usability. The group doesn’t wish to lose their clients, so for them, Laravel is your best option. In Laravel, error and exception dealing with is configured within the new Laravel venture.
  • Automation testing work
    Testing a product is essential to be sure that the software program runs with none errors, bugs, and crashes. We know that automation testing is much less time-consuming than manual testing, so automation testing is most well-liked over the manual testing. Laravel is developed with testing in thoughts.
  • Separation of business logic code from presentation code
    The separation between enterprise logic code and presentation code permits the HTML structure designers to vary the look with out interacting with the builders. A bug might be resolved by the builders quicker if the separation is offered between the enterprise logic code and presentation code. We know that Laravel follows the MVC architecture, so separation is already finished.
  • Fixing commonest technical vulnerabilities
    The security vulnerability is an important instance in net software improvement. An American organization, i.e., OWASP Foundation, defines an important safety vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and many others. Developers want to contemplate these vulnerabilities and repair them earlier than supply. Laravel is a safe framework because it protects the net software towards all the safety vulnerabilities.
  • Scheduling tasks configuration and management
    The web app requires some task scheduling mechanism to perform the tasks in time for example, when to send out the emails to the subscribers or when to clean up the database tables on the finish of the day. To schedule the tasks, developers want first to create the Cron entry for every task, however Laravel command scheduler defines a command schedule which requires a single entry on the server.


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