Top 10 European Automotive Tech Startups


Vehicles are very important part of everyone’s life. For some people it is a way of transport, for some it’s a piece of luxury and for some people they are life line. This article is entitled to some of the master minds which thinks and feels different about the vehicles. So, let’s checkout.

Rimac Automobili


Focused on high-performance that comes from a unique fusion of light build, and pure, seamless power, Rimac Automobili was driven from the world we were, passionate petrolheads, into the world of electric propulsion where we are today.

Rimac Automobili is a family of enthusiasts, engineers and designers on their quest to discover new ways of making cars faster, and to prove to the World that fun can be electric – far more than one can even imagine. Settled in Croatia, near Zagreb, the Rimac factory is a place where magic happens since 2009. When you love what you do, you don’t work, you play and thus create art.

We started by improving cars, today, we revolutionize them. High-performance, light weight, efficiency and top quality with no compromises.



Awkward haggling is a thing of the past. With carwow, the dealers compete over you. carwow You choose the car and we go find you up to 5 of the best offers from local and national dealers. You can compare offers by price, location, and dealer ratings and reviews. You deal direct with the dealer, confident you already have their best offer upfront. No hassle, no haggle, just a great deal.

This is great news for dealers too. This new approach to car buying introduces them to more potential customers, helping increase sales, reduce costs and improve their stock turnover. A better experience for everyone.


High Mobility 

How to build cars for the next generation? Full autonomous capability is the ultimate goal, high-mobility electric drivetrain simplifies manufacturing. Our vision is to redefine automobility through digital extensions into devices that surround vehicles on their journey. To us, the idea of cars as an extension of one’s home or office would be an awesome experience and we are committed to build tools that enable new trusted services to be plugged into cars, and unplugged as easily.


Cloud Your Car

Cloud Your Car provides an easy-to-use fleet management solution for entrepreneurs looking for cloudyourcar-logotechnologically advanced and affordable solution. Cloud Your Car is like Google Analytics for your fleet. Cloud Your Car brings your company to the next level of efficiency, cooperation and thinking about your business.

Cloud Your Car means no hard-wired installation, no contracts and global accessibility. Cloud Your Car is a symbol of amazing desig of hardware and app UX.



Autotalks enables the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication revolution by providing Automotive qualified VLSI solution, containing the entire ECU functionality.Autotalks

The unique technology of Autotalks addresses V2X challenges: communication reliability, communication security, positioning accuracy and vehicle installation.



myBus is young company that provides telematic solutions mybuslive for public transportation (short-range, long-range and regional).

Our offers include hardware and software products to increase the attractiveness of public transportation, regardless of whether you own 5 or 5000 buses.



ClickMechanic a market place for car repairs. If you have a problem with your car or need a service you can come to ClickMechanic, enter your reg, location and what repair you need and we’ll give you a real time quote.clickmechanic

You can then go ahead and place a booking for a time that suits you and book. A vetted mechanic will then repair your vehicle. Initially we are focused on the mobile mechanic space but we’re looking at the wider market also.



COMODULE GmbH, is a German company headquartered in Berlin, the global innovation centre of electromobility. comoduleThe company combines years of experience from electric vehicle and battery technology development. The team of engineers behind coModule have built electric racing cars and written scientific papers on battery electronics and assembling technologies.

Today coModule employs more than 10 experts of digital media, wearables, connected vehicle technology, software and hardware development.

coModule believes that the electric vehicle revolution is now! The way to manage over-populated cities and increasing air pollution is to convert to clean forms of transport that require less space and maintenance – light electric vehicles are the solution. To empower LEV revolution we need to address all issues keeping consumers from adoption.



Automile gives you full control over fleets of any size. A beautiful, intuitive interface works across all devices. Trusted by thousands of fleets. Plans start at just $2 a month.Automile_Logo

Automile Inc. is a privately owned startup with offices in San Francisco and Stockholm. Founded in 2013 by Jens Nylander, Jacob Pontén and Felix Rosén, our goal is to be the leading platform connecting vehicle drivers and fleet managers with vehicle data. We are a diverse team of car enthusiasts who are passionate about new technology and the growing Internet of Things.


Harken Project

A consortium of European companies and institutes is developing a system known as HARKEN, which uses seat-located sensors to monitor both the driver’s heart rate and their rate of respiration.

The system consists of three components. A sensor on the inside of the seat belt’s chest strap monitors the heart rate, sensors embedded in the seat back measure respiration, and a signal processing unit (SPU) beneath the seat analyzes the data relayed by those sensors.harken_logo

If the combined sensor readings indicate that the driver is becoming dangerously fatigued, the system will sound an alarm or otherwise alert them to the fact. In order to keep false alarms to a minimum, the SPU is reportedly capable of filtering out “noise” caused by movements of the vehicle or the driver.

As with the Nottingham Trent seat, the idea is that the sensors will be integrated in such a way that they will be invisible to the user – that person will just sit down in a normal-looking seat, and pull on a normal-looking seat belt.